Beginning my work with the Bay Area's Steinway dealer, I have 

been able to   work with and learn from top technicians in the field; we belong to a trade in which much information and skill is handed down from technician to technician, and I try to be on the giving as well as the receiving end of that tradition. 


I have been privileged to have attended Yamaha's technical school at their U.S. headquarters in Southern California and studied with the head of their Hamamatsu technical school. I have enjoyed working with and appreciating Yamaha pianos through the years, and performed warranty work for Yamaha Corporation. 


I was invited to train at the Steinway &  Sons factory in New York and at Oberlin University and have completed the prestigious Theodore Steinway Academy. I am very grateful to have been able to work with their world class technicians, an opportunity not all technicians get, and to qualify to work with these wonderful instruments. I currently do warranty work for the Bay Area Steinway dealer.


I am familiar with the workings of European, Asian, and American made pianos, and have been contracted to perform warranty work on instruments from numerous manufacturers on all three continents.


I have been awarded Angie's List's Top 5% Award for some number of consecutive years to date.


I truly respect my clients, who have the talent and drive to pursue the study of piano: They inspire me to go home and practice! I will never be an accomplished pianist, but I enjoy my piano at the level I am able to play it.


I find work in recording studios, concert halls, churches, clubs and more, but most of my work happens in private homes. I have known many of my clients for years, watched their children grow up, seen how their lives have progressed. I very much enjoy these long standing relationships and am grateful to have been a longstanding, if small, part of my clients lives.

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